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bur-lesque (ber-`lesk) - n.

  1. An artistic composition, esp. literary or dramatic, which vulgarizes lofty material or treats ordinary material with mock dignity.
  2. A humorous and provocative stage show featuring slapstick humor, comic skits, bawdy songs, striptease acts, suggestive dances, and a scantily clad female chorus.
  3. To make ridiculous by mocking representation.

The Pink Box Burlesque is a collection of men and women dedicated to making you smile while showing you just enough to think you're going to get some.

For auditions, a press kit, or booking: please contact us at pinkboxburlesque [at]

The PBB is in the New York Times!

The Pink Box Burlesque was featured, along with other burlesque troups from around the country, in the New York Times. We're kind of excited about this.
Check out the New York Times article Here.
The article also ran in The Atlanta Journal, The Houston Chronicle, US News & World Report, The Vancouver Sun, and many others.

Check out our YouTube channel for videos like this!

Rocky Horror Picture Show

HALLOWEEN NIGHT! at The Bama Theatre

Watch the movie while the PBB performs it Live Action!
Costume Contest with CASH AND PRIZES!

Pink Box Burlesque present Rocky Horror Picture Show, 31 Oct, 2014
6:30pm: Box Office Opens
7:00pm: Doors Open
7:45pm: Costume Contest
8:00pm: "Bob Zach and Tyler Show" tells Ghost Stories
8:30pm: REAL Rocky Horror Wedding
9:00pm: RHPS!
Prop Bags will be available at the Merch Table for 5 BONES!
**Historic Bama Theatre does not allow WATER, RICE OR TOAST**
Tickets: *Include donation to the Bama Theatre Renovation and Preservation Fund.
On sale Sept 10th!
ONLINE: here.
IN TOWN: OZ Music or Guitar Gallery
$15 General Admission
$20 General Admission + Pre-order Prop Bag
$5 Prop Bags - While They Last!
21+ to drink.
No Photography
Transylvanian Open Calls: Sept 21st, 12pm.
Scroll up for details or check out our Facebook page.
Sponsored by The Left Hand Soap Co. and Cynical Tattoos.
**Sponsorship Packages are still available! If you're interested, email pinkboxburlesque at gmail dot com**

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