bur-lesque (ber-`lesk) - n.

  • An artistic composition, esp. literary or dramatic, which vulgarizes lofty material or treats ordinary material with mock dignity.
  • A humorous and provocative stage show featuring slapstick humor, comic skits, bawdy songs, striptease acts, suggestive dances, and a scantily clad female chorus.
  • To make ridiculous by mocking representation.

The Pink Box Burlesque is a collection of men and women dedicated to making you smile while showing you just enough to think you're going to get some.


Upcoming Shows!

PBB's 9th Season Begins!

Saturday, August 27th at 8 PM

“Don't Fall in Love” at Green Bar

Pink Box Burlesque is at it again, as they continue their 9th season at the Green Bar on August 27th with “Don’t Fall in Love.” Two hours of delights and desires with live jazz, burlesque, singing, comedy – and that’s just the beginning! Whether you’re a veteran Pink Box fan, or you’ve never seen a show, “Don’t Fall in Love” will have you rolling those stockings down and tapping those toes!

Doors at 7pm.
Show at 8pm.
Get there early for a good seat!
$10 at the door.
No Photography

Green Bar
2209 4th St
Tuscaloosa, AL. 35401

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PBB in the New York Times!

We're in the New York Times!

The Pink Box Burlesque was featured, along with other burlesque troupes from around the country, in the New York Times. We’re kind of excited about this.

Check out the New York Times article here

The article also ran in The Atlanta Journal , The Houston Chronicle , US News & World Report , The Vancouver Sun , and many others.



2014.11.08 Collaboration of Carnage At Das Haus, Bham

With R.O.T.N, Carnevil Circus and Colonel Mayhem and the Axehandles. Photos by Jaysen Michael. Secret Playground Photography.

2014 PBB's Pen is Mightier than the Pasty, Chapter 1

In March 2014, the PBB brought a collaboration with local writers to the Green Bar stage in Tuscaloosa. Look out for Chapter 2 in 2015!
Photog: Whitney Watson.

2014 PBB's Choose Your Own Adventure

PBB’s 7th Season: April [Bama Theatre] and June [Black Market Bar + Grill - Five Points]. Mona takes a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book to the stage to help her find a man. In the end, the PBB shows her just where to look.
Photog: Lee Overstreet

2012 'Lighting the Lyric' Vaudeville Show: Lyric Fine Arts Theatre, Birmingham, Alabama

Photog: Justin Popp
Lyric Fine Arts Theatre
Birmingham, Alabama
Photos taken for PR: 2012.08.10 Vaudeville “Lighting the Lyric” charity show at Sloss Furnace.
Producer: Scott Autrey, Birmingham Vaudeville
PBB Performers: Mama Dixie, Tesla Coil, Lady Jade and Miss. Kitty. B. Haive

2011 PBB Presents: The 1920s

Photos taken by Robert Sutton during the PBB Presents the 1920’s show at the Bama Theatre, 25 March, 2011. All rights reserved. Duplication or reproduction not allowed



I've never been to a Pink Box Burlesque show. What can I expect?

A great time! The PBB is inspired by performances from all eras of Vaudeville and Burlesque. We have singing, dancing ,comedy, live music, tease artists...we travel with an atmosphere.

I'm interested in booking the PBB at my venue. What's the shimmy?

That's keen! We'd love to talk with you about it. Please contact Mama Dixie at pinkboxburlesque@gmail.com and we'll chat.

I'm with the press and would like to interview/get photos/confirm information/receive press releases.

Press kits, Press Release mailing lists and Press photos available upon request. pinkboxburlesque@gmail.com

I'm a performer and will be traveling through town. Can we meet up? Is there a guest performance slot?

We love these communications! Welcome to town! If your skills fit into the current show and you're available for the performance, it's worth a chat about it. We do it whenever possible. Either way, we look forward to meeting you on your way through town!

I'm interested in auditioning for the PBB. What's the shimmy there?

Fantastic! The PBB holds Open Calls up to three times a year. COLD QUERY: We'll happily add your email address to our early notice mailing list. You'll receive an email a week or so before the public announcement. Auditions held between Open Calls are on a case-by-case basis. Our schedule is hectic - but it couldn't hurt to ask! IF YOU'VE SEEN A POSTER: Email pinkboxburlesque@gmail.com for directions and time slot sign-up, if applicable. Questions welcome.

I've never been a burlesque performer before, but I sure know how to _____! Is that ok?

Tease Artists are an important part of all our shows, and experience is nice, but not required to come audition. We celebrate variety. Give it a go - we may have an empty space where you shine! Sometimes we don't know what we're missing until we see it.

Are you looking for a specific body type?

No. All body types and styles are welcome. The only thing we ask is a positive attitude.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes. PBB Productions will not hire anyone under the age of 18.

What can I expect during Open Calls?

You'll meet with our board, which includes stage director, backstage director and member president. All our board members are performers. Our Auditions are closed to the public. We'd encourage you to come a wee bit early. Grab an application [it's a single page], prepare yourself for the hot seat. We'll explain the details of how the PBB operates: what will be expected from you, what we'll provide, etc.. Questions are welcome throughout the process.

When I come to Open Calls, what do I need?

Come ready to show us what you're interested in contributing. Intern Applicants: [front- or back-of-house], come ready to tell us what you're thinking. Performers: come with your performance, recorded music [on a CD or tech with an earphone jack], costuming, and props...and, if your routine includes them: pasties. It's important to note that, with rare exception, we perform with a live band - the recorded music is just for your audition. Musicians: bring your instrument. A PA will be available. Whatever your desire, please bring photo identification.

Things we can't allow at auditions.

Guests, drivers, support staff, friends, graphic nudity, photography, video photography.

What does becoming part of the troupe involve?

Performance & Intern contracts are renewed yearly. The PBB performs 6-12 shows per year, travel and home venues. Each show is built from the ground up by the sum of the performers and staff involved. Performers are responsible for developing their acts with the support of fellow cast members and staff, and for attending Sunday afternoon rehearsals and one rehearsal Day of Show. Costume stipends are available, but primary costuming is based upon performer preference, and is, therefore, the performers' responsibility. Each performer and intern is charged with creating a character and developing that character as time goes on.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

Scheduling conflict? Emergency? A bit too nervous? Whatever the reason, please let us know in the event that you need to cancel/reschedule as soon as possible. No Call/No shows are a hardship for everyone involved and we'll remember next time you ask about auditions. We've allotted time for you that sits empty if you don't show up. If you cannot make it, perhaps someone else can. Chaos happens. We're ok with that. We just like to be in the loop.

I auditioned and I haven't heard back yet. What does that mean?

It means we haven't made final decisions. Whatever the outcome, a PBB board member will contact you. Know that we always appreciate all audition participants and are honored to have you stop in. We know we're auditioning as much as you are.

I received a rejection. WTF?

Audition decisions are always difficult. If you're wondering, we consider several things that include, in part, whether we have an open slot for a series of skills, group dynamics, comfort on stage and creativity. We're looking for a good fit. We always encourage audition participants that didn't get into the troupe to come to other auditions. The circumstances change all the time.

My question wasn't answered here. How can I contact y'all?

Mama Dixie, Madam pinkboxburlesque@gmail.com 205 792 9565 Mailing address available upon request.

Mama Dixie

That’s Emcee to you. Mama will do you right if you don’t do her wrong. Be good, now.


Mona Squeels

She does. We can vouch for it.


Nigel Featherbottom

The Music Director with the prettiest flower in the room. Always.


Anya Pony

Prop Master and behind the scenes brain trust, she is the wind beneath the PBB’s feather fans.


Luna Blues

Mesmerizing Contortion and Dance. A stunning beauty with amazing skills and a kind heart.


Nubia Gorme'

Her beauty is only matched by her interest in knives. She promises to be sweet.


Harley Plush

Has got an eye on you!


Kitty B. Haive

Born of Hard work and Southern charm, Kitty met Mama Dixie at just the right time. Singer and Tease Artist, Kitty B. Haive does it all.


Hoops De Ville

A Hoop Artist that will leave your mind spinning.


Felicity Bump

Is the very best fairy godmother you could ask for. Full of life and love, she’ll bring a smile to your face.


Jack the Stripper

Mr. Funny Man. Frequently asked questions include “Is this funny?” “Is this funnier with my top off?” “What if you wear that little red vinyl number?”


Kell Surprise

What a surprise!


Ginger Night

Sweet as a ginger flower in the moonlight.


Stacy Sparrow

The beauty with a mysterious smile.


Winnie Wont

She will.


Ophelia Love

She’s got all the love.